Kate Doyle, “Ultamarine 1”, upcycled oak slice, paint, lacquer 2017

I enjoy working with found, natural elements to create vibrant sculptures and installations. These works utilize upcycled materials, and question humanity’s relationship with nature. There is value to be found in items that may have been thrown away, recycled, or donated. I often begin with fallen oak trees that may otherwise be discarded. Each piece is an ode to the tree that once was, delicately outlining its history up until the moment it fell. Every ring, notch and imperfection to the wood is highlighted and celebrated through my technique.


I’ve been making sculptures from a massive New Hampshire oak tree that began its life in the Civil War, came down in a storm, and was destined for firewood. Taking thin slices from this tree, I initiate conditions in which natural forces create the forms, while I collaborate and play with those forces. The work continues to lead me into awe and questions about what constitutes a balanced human place within the vast systems of nature that support life.